This agreement is for the sole purpose between the parties and no copy of this ”Celebrities Agreement” may be made without the written consent of Celebrities. Celebrities Casting and M‹:x1eIling Agency hereby provides a service to the Artist on the terms and conditions herein contained, which terms and conditions the Artist or/and Guardian is deemed to have familiarized himself / herself with, and have irrevocably accepted.


For the purpose hereof, unless the contrary clearly appeam from the context: (i) headings are intended for ease of reference and shall not be taken into account in the interpretation c# this agreement; (ii) the singular shall include the plural and vice versa, the masculine shall include the feminine and vice versa, while natural persons — the Artist shall include legal person or / and guardian when under 18years and vice versa.

In these terms and conditions:

  1. “Celebrities Casting and Modelling Agency” means the database and cast of artists, hereafter referred as “Celebrities”(CCA).

b.”ArtisV model” means the person (signed below), / child or refers to the duly authorized guardian of the Artist, less than 18 years of age. The pemon whom photos are taken of.

  1. ”Service” means service described herein provided to the Artist in accordance with these terms and
  2. “Option”means the Artist is one of the final choices for production and they are serious to feature the


    • R120 Joining Fee-once off, per artist to open your Payable on the signing of this agreement.
    • R200 Studio Fee, studio usage and photographer fee, including 5 unedited photo images on a CD, payable on the day of your This fee is only applicable on enrolment, and can be out sourced to Dream Pictures .cc or selected studios. Lgdates are for free every 6 months no studio-fee is applicable.

Should an update be required prior 6 months, as per guidelines, hair colour, studio fee will be applicable. Should an outside photographer be used, it is for the artist cost,

and Celebrities has the right to refuse the photos if it is not up to standard. No photoshoped photos are allowed, photos must be unedited with a plain white background.

  • Enrollment fee include both joining fee and studio fee, giving a total of R320 to
  • R50 Membership fee per month per Artist for a minimum of two years. Starting on the debit order date of each month after signing this agreement, irrespective if Celebrities has obtained Therefore, it is essential that the artist book a photo shoot or supply Celebrities with photo images, within 30 days of signing this agreement. When an artist pays one year upfront, the artist is also liable for the payment of the second year.
  • The Artist is aware that this fee can be paid up front for 6 months, whilst I am still liable for the remaining period of the agreement, continuing until written
  • R250 Registration/marketing fee, marketing the artist and Celebrities: This fee, will only be deducted once a year from the first assignment of the If an artist did not receive work for the season he/she will not be held liable for the registration fee.
    • This photo package offered by Celebrities provides the opportunity to the undersigned client to make use of the studio at the standard full package The payment is the same, but no artist info data, e.g. Height will be captured onto the casting system. Only the photo IMAGES on CD will be captured every 6 months and supplied to the artist. All refer- ring payments are applicable. This will also allow parents to only sign up one child for the castings and one only for the photo shoot if they choose to do it this way. OR RI 200 full payment upfront for your first photoshoot and get 1 photo shoots complementry every 3 months. Example; A pregnant mum could do a: before,new born, 3 moths and 6 months photoshoot.
    • This photo package can be changed to the standard casting package at no extra cost, by completing the CCA artist information
  1. Payment:
    • A percentage of 35% will be deducted from the invoice amount received from the production This includes the Agency fee of 20% and a booking fee that will be deducted from every assignment. This excludes PAYE and Tax if applicable. •Important. Children under 18 years need a work permit by law, therefore we need a I.D./Birth Certificate and a parental consent letter to obtain it from the Dept. of Labour. PAYE to be deducted by the production companies and a IRP5 will be forwarded by them. Every artist in this industry has been determined by SARS to be obliged to pay tax,and will be taxed on their gross total income if they exceed the set minimum earnings per year set by the government.

The artist gives Celebrities general power of attoumey to be their representatives and to act on their behalf, in regards to obtaining a tax number – should the artist not have one or supply Celebrities with one. Payment to the Artist can take between 3 — 6 months, or at the end of the season (August) after invoicing. Payment to the Anist will be made on all amounts received from as per the agreement. Should the production house forfeit payment for any reason, the Artist agrees not to keep Celebrities liable.

The Artist will not get paid for castings/auditions/standbys Option expires after the allocated shoot date.

  • Nonpayment: The artist agrees should the debit order for any reason be returned a penalty of RTO will be applied, as well as the monthly installment, may be deducted from the artist account on their next debit order Any outstanding payments towards Celebrities will be deducted before any payout for work done. Should the debit order be in arrears or not be paid for a period of 3 months, it will be handed over for legal action retraining the full amount with 20% handling fee as if the artist has ended the agreement. Not attending the free feature shoot or updating the profile does not release the Anist from the membership fee-commitment.



The Artist is obligated to call Celebrities and make update appointments. For castings purposes the profile updates of photos/images and to complete/update an artist info card. The Artist undertakes to advise Celebrities of any changes in respect to physical appearance eg. height, hair colour,braces, work experience or artistic talents/skills.

All the information must be forwarded to and must be current, true and correct, unless otherwise advised. Use ref. UP-DATE or do a pemonal update. Appointments must be done every 6months which includes a FREE feature shoot, at Celebrities, with 5 unedited images on a CD.When the photo package is chosen photo updates are not necessary.



The Artist agrees and undertakes to call Celebrities for a photo-update-shoot at NO COST at Celebrities Studio once a year when visiting on Saturdays (CD Card) or every six months when visiting during the week. Due to the studio time set aside and the presence of a photographer, should an artist for any reason not attend their appointment (booked photo shoot), nor move it 24 hours before the appointment, the anist agrees to the deduction of a “No-Show fee” (penalty fee) from their next monthly debit order payment. Take note – Please change your photo shoot / appointment in time to avoid any penalty fees of R150, if the artist cannot make the appointment.


    • The Artist agrees that Celebrities may contact him / her in addition to receiving telephonic notification for castings, by mobile/cell phone Short Message

System (SMS) or E-mail (Celebrities does not respond to WhatsApp messages). Always include your full name (for Celebrities to know the sender) when responding to a sms.The Artist understands due to deadlines and the nature of the business, that the artist can be contacted late alter hours.Take note:You can say No to attend a voluntarily casting or audition. If you have been selected for the actual short list shoot after the castlng, you might be chosen and put on option to make the advert. If you agree to attend, by saying

YES to an option,you are obligated to be present at the location. If you do not attend you could be held liable for the costs.

The Artist undertakes to fill in Celebrities’ contact details wherever contact numbers are requested for invoicing and security reasons. The Artist further undertakes to contact