Once Enrolled...

Our Guidelines will help you understand how our industry works and guide you through some basic steps.

South Africa presents almost unlimited opportunities for the modelling industry. Great weather, with widely diverse architectural and geographic locations, skyscrapers, modern homes and quaint English cottages for photo shoots. Best of all we have a diverse population with an incredibly cosmopolitan ethnic mix. Our nation is composed of people from four corners of the globe, and in addition we are a generally English speaking nation. Therefore an artist can obtain local and/or international work. Images that are produced in these shoots are used for a wide range of media purposes, advertising campaigns, billboards, catalogues, advertising, product sales brochures, fashion shoots, and television, etc.

Step 1: After Enrolling 

After enrolling at our Agency we send your profile to various clients and answer briefs (applying for jobs) for you. This is not guaranteed for it is the client deciding who they want to see and use.

A good cast is vital for every shoot, thus ensuring that the most suitable artist/s get cast for the job is essential. We will contact you via sms informing you of a casting, which will be held mostly in the Cape Town region.

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We also post urgent castings on Facebook, in situations where there is no time to run the normal procedure, where immediate attendance is required, or where production is in need for a specific “PERSON OR LOOK” that is not on our data base, e.g. grandfather or a person who can speak Mandarin or Russian. It is not a necessary to have a Facebook account, but it is a fast method for us to communicate, but MOST important keep us updated with your contact numbers.

REMEMBER, it is your responsibility to contact our agency for your updates. We do not keep your diary and if you change your look (hair colour / children, every 6months) please come and update your portfolio. IT IS FOR FREE.

All information obtained will be handled as strictly confidential. Always feel free to contact us if there is something you do not understand.

Step 2: Castings & Auditions 

Artists may be used in "stills" (a photograph for a magazine or pamphlet etc.) OR can obtain a supporting role, even leading roles while others may work as background "extras’" in motion features.

First impressions count, so please always look neat and tidy-have clean hair, nails and wear nice clothes and SHOES. Yes, creativity is an important way to express yourself, just keep in mind that majority of the clients come from a business background. The one exception of course, is if you are required to be dressed to fit the part.

The industry is very seasonal; most activities are from September to the following April. During this time there are a lot of overseas clients here to film television commercials, catalogues, music videos, documentaries, dramas, photo libraries, feature films etc. Auditions are sometimes at short notice, so it is important that we are able to get hold of you at all times. You can say NO, and decline if you are not able to make it – we do understand. If you cannot attend an audition please DO NOT SAY "YES" AND THEN NOT GO.



Should you not arrive, you will be wasting the casting director’s time & casting costs.

Rather say "NO" for the following reasons: Occasionally we are limited to the number of people we can send to the casting. If we know you are unable to attend we can give someone else the opportunity.

Selected Castings or Pre-casts; Production companies request photo images (photo bank) where they go through and pre-select artists that they believe fit the brief. The casting co-coordinator director or client will then specifically request whom they require to attend the audition, having made a short-list from the photo bank packages or a prior audition. Those artists will then be invited to a casting within a specific time slot.

From time to time open castings will be run, this is where a huge amount of artists are invited to attend. These auditions can be time consuming so we advise you to take some cold drinks and snacks. The casting director / producer will meet the various artists individually or in small groups to see who stands out - they know exactly what “look” they want. (e.g. If it is a family, they may try and find some resemblance with the main character.) For motion (e.g. movies, documentaries or TV), sometimes a small recording will be made. For stills (e.g. fashion catalogues), they will take a photo or may even ask you to try on some clothes.

If you do not make use of a GPS, invest in a good map book of Cape Town. It is often difficult to explain exactly how to get to a casting. We will inform you of the place, date, time and dress code (if requested) to the best of our ability.

When arriving at an audition immediately look for the casting sheet to fill in, as they are sometimes numbered, or signed in digitally. After filling in your name and OUR contact details on the casting sheet take a number and patiently wait for your turn. Always use the Agency’s telephone numbers when you are booked for an assignment.

WHEN YOU RECEIVED AN SMS inviting you to a casting, ALWAYS phone our office or follow the sms instruction, confirming your casting attendance, so we can confirm your attendance with the production house. Always put your artist’s name at the bottom, should you reply via sms, so that we know from whom we received the message./sms: eg. Yes- Ann Summers-150cm-12yrs - ( 082 333 2322 )- Add your phone number if you a private sender.


  1. Only attend the casting at the given time slots, unless prior arrangements have been made by your agent with the production office. If you are requested for a casting or selected casting given a time slot, please attend 10 min. prior your time slot. BE ON TIME. Time-slots are allocated to each artist to avoid a ‘cattle market’ situation.
  2. No other visitors are allowed to the casting, except one parent or guardian, when a child is cast,( being interviewed by the casting director).

Only take the child/children that are involved in the audition. Parents please refrain from taking your child’s noisy toys with you to a casting.

  1. If the shooting dates are confirmed before the casting and you know the dates are a problem, do not attend the casting. If the shoot date is being revealed during the casting, please inform the production company at the casting.
  2. PLEASE do not change your “LOOK” e.g. Do not colour or cut your hair. They liked what they saw.

Step 3: After the Casting & Options

After the casting, the production company, start making their selection of their preferred cast. If you are selected they will start placing their option (who they want). The production companies will contact us "Celebrities " and we will call you to confirm an option on you. (99%) Always DOUBLE check your diary before committing to an option. (Consider commitments, school / university exams, sport days etc.). If you say “YES”, on the option request, you are committed to do the booking/shoot. The film crew will be waiting for you, during the given time slots.


If you are short-listed or on call back, that means they liked you and want to see you again. If clothing is involved, we will let you know if you must go for a wardrobe fitting.

When you are requested for other shoots for the same day as well, the first option will ensure the client (guaranteeing the 1st options client), that you will be available for their shoot and not for another production happening in the same time slots.

At this point we may ask parents again for their children’s birth certificate and a consent letter or a tax number (should you not have one, we will obtain it) and adults to supply us with an Id and tax number (should you not have one, we will obtain it).

Should you be called directly after a casting for whatever reason, contact us immediately otherwise invoicing cannot be done correctly and therefore you might not be paid. Remember that you do not get paid for attending a casting / audition, only in the case of you being chosen and used for a part.

Sometimes artists wait for months, or they have been too few castings before they get their first assignment. REMEMBER we will only phone you with good news! Should you or your child be successful, we will be sure to phone and inform you of the good news. If you don’t hear from us you can assume you were unsuccessful if the shooting date has passed. But do not give up - persistence paves the way to success.


STEP 4: BOOKINGS – Shoot Arrangements

"Congratulations, you or your child have been booked." What happens next?

Celebrities will contact you directly and confirm your booking with the client and will advise you of the time and place to meet. Or the name and contact number of the Production Manager. NB! Please be punctual and always allow extra time for traffic. Don’t worry if they are late.

You are being paid from the time they asked you to arrive until the time they are finished with you.


Moms, please don’t interfere with the shoots! They know what they want and what they are doing! Always keep track of your arrival and departure times. Remember to confirm your working days with Celebrities: Time started and time ended. This is important, as we then invoice the Client accordingly. (We advise you to take snacks to the shoots, although most of the production companies will have refreshments for those who are working)

"What happens if the weather is bad?"

Due to our notoriously changeable weather, schedules sometimes do not run as planned. You are required to contact the production manager when doing outdoor shoots. This is referred to as the " weather call." and confirm, if any time or location change has been made due to adverse weather conditions. By arriving on set, you will automatically be getting a percentage of your daily rate. If the shoot cannot commence, because of bad weather, ALWAYS let Celebrities know what time you were dismissed. You are usually briefed to give the production manager a "weather call" (we will supply you with his/her cell no, when making the shoot arrangements) an hour before leaving home for the shoot. He/she will confirm your departure from the set.

Step 5: The Shoot

Always keep us informed of how a shoot went, any problems you may have experienced, and the hours spent on set.

Every shoot aims to run smoothly and to be enjoyable for everyone involved, however it is still "work".



What not to do on set; (Film, TV, documentaries all electronic motion)

  1. Please be sure to refrain from hounding the other actors, or the director on set for things like autographs etc. Keep in mind they are busy working, and you are also there representing "Celebrities" so choose your time wisely.
  2. Do not use your cell phone while on set. Phones are to be switched off during a take on set.¬¬
  3. Do not look directly into the cameras, monitors or actors during a take!
  4. Do not speak out loud, MIME ONLY!
  5. LISTEN to the floor manager at all times - he will tell you exactly what to do on set
  6. Do not wear clothes that will draw attention to yourself, such as - bright colours or stripes. Wear plain black or plain white unless you have been briefed otherwise. Also avoid name-brands and just to be safe always take at least 3 other colour option combinations with in a kitbag. No noisy shoes are permitted!

Getting pictures from the production is not so easy, as we do not supply you with a copy. Local work is easier to obtain than the International, however they are available, but due to the fact that most of the images return to the home base of the international client and are not kept in South Africa it is difficult. Before leaving the shoot you are welcome to ask the production manager on site to ask the director how to go about obtaining a copy, if he do not know. Just also keep in mind that promises regarding this issue cannot be made.

STEP 6: Payments

Payments can take as long as 3 to 6 months. The procedure works as follow: At the day end of your shoot, we are waiting for a call/email from you giving us the duration time that you / your child have worked. We then invoice the production company, full-day or half-day rates depending how long you have worked and what the agreed day fee was. The production company accountant will receive all invoices for the job but will only finalize a payment request at the end of the job. Then only the client pays the production company, and then we can transfer the money to you. Please forward us you income tax number. We deduct a flat rate of 35%, from the original briefing amount; calculating the same as 20% agency fee, that also have a booking fee included. Should there be specific details on how payment should be made, please stipulate, otherwise payment will be made directly into your bank account.


Additional Benefits...

  • Receive your free portfolio updates every 6 months
  • Attend free casting guidance classes 

Optional Benefits...

  • Attend our Workshops: Be on the look out for dates and costs
  • Private coaching: By appointment only @ R120 p/hour