Frequently asked Questions

1. How does it work?
When you look around you, you will see that practically every advertisement showcases different people. Advertising companies need people to promote their products both locally and internationally and are very picky when it comes to who they want to use in order to promote their product(s) and will spend thousands to get it right. By entering you on our secure photo bank, those companies have direct access to view your images, dynamically increasing your chances of being selected for a potential shoot. All we need is a recent photo(s) of you and or your child.

2. Are there any guarantees?
No. We cannot promise that they will choose you, because we cannot tell a client who they must use. However, we have been working within this industry for more than 10 years and supplied “artists” to local and international brands such as Edgars, Jet, Ackerman’s, Woolworths, NEXT Clothing, C&A, Polo and many more. We would like to think we know what those advertising companies are looking for. For this reason, we only deduct your R250 registration fee for marketing, from your first assignment. Should you never get chosen, at least you will have beautiful photos on CD and an experience only a few people have experienced.

3. What are we looking for?
Fun, happy, fresh, alive faces. People that can advertise any product well.

4. What happens after joining?
After joining you have to come in for regular photo shoots. Call us at least once a year if you are an adult to update your photo bank photo, or if you have changed your physical appearance, every 6 months. In the case of a child, the child should grow more than 3-4cm, please let us know (the reason being is that for international catalogue clients who arrive to shoot in South Africa, they often come with their clothes already made and children’s heights must and need to be correct, therefore a 6 month update is a must) WE ADVICE ADULTS TO COME IN EVERY 6 MONTHS BUT FOR CHILDREN IT IS A MUST, FOR THEY ARE CONSTANTLY CHANGING

5. What takes place at a casting?
A casting is an “audition”. Much like a job interview/audition you will meet with a representative of the advertising agency and they may ask you questions and potentially get you to act out scenarios in order to see whether you fit the profile of what they are looking for. If you were provided with a “script” memorize it and get into the character when you present yourself. Take whatever is required with you if it is asked e.g. a spoon or a tooth brush.

6. What happens after a casting?
It is very rare that you will be told you have got the job straight after you finish speaking to the representative at the casting. If they like you, it will be a decision made much later on and they will contact us directly and we in turn will inform you. Therefore when the shoot date has passed and you did not hear from us, this means that you just have to try again. Perseverance pays.

7. What if I am a working parent?
In case of children, producers are aware that most parents work therefore, they schedule castings mostly after hours/on weekends. School children are expected to keep up their studies.

8. What happens at a Photo Shoot?
Remember at this point the producer was already impressed with you so relax and believe in yourself! The producer will guide you through every step!! Enjoy it!!!

9. How much money can I make?
Depending on the job and where they use it (posters, bill boards, local commercials, international commercials). Payments for jobs can vary. From an easy start to R20,000 plus.

10. Please read the GUIDELINES FOR ARTISTS in detail.